Seeking Allah’s Assistance – Islamic Dua for Good Luck

Dua for Good Luck

Different cultures around the world have different ideas about what “luck” means. As Muslims, we don’t believe in “luck” because we know that everything that happens is the will of Allah and is planned ahead of time.  In this way, no luck or chance is involved in what happens. We don’t have to try to force luck to happen; instead, we can ask God for help, direction, and His gifts. Here are some powerful dua for good luck.

How Do You Make Dua?

To make a dua, you need to clear your mind and block out all other thoughts. Choose a good time. After you pray, you should often begin by praising Allah, the Almighty, and thanking Him for all His gifts. Then you should tell Allah what you want Him to give you. For more information, you can visit

Many times, our dua is answered and accepted right away. Other times, it is put off for a good reason. And no matter what, we still believe that all of our prayers are answered according to Allah’s plan and the wisdom we trust. 

But there are some things we need to know to make sure that our dua isn’t going against what we’re doing. Here is a list of things to think about the next time you make dua:

  • We must keep our faith (yaqeen) that Allah, the Most High, will hear our prayers. Acceptance should be clear, and there shouldn’t be any problems with when it should happen.
  • Also, we should be careful not to lose faith in our dua or get angry when it takes longer than expected for the acceptance to happen. In the end, there’s a good reason for the wait.
  • We need to keep in mind that getting our dua answered takes time and a strong desire. Allah often takes longer to accept our duas so that He can hear how much we beg for His help.
  • We need to ask Allah to forgive us for the sins we’ve done, which might be stopping him from accepting our dua.

List of  Best Duas For Good Luck In Islam – The Ultimate Guide

Dua For Good Luck And Success 

We all want Allah to give us success in all the different ways, whether it’s doing well in school, with family, at work, building a career, making your own business better, raising your kids right, passing a test, or just living a good life. 

Many duas in Islam can bring you luck and success. Here is a simple one that you can learn and say whenever you want: 

“Oh, God! Ask God to make me healthy with faith, have faith with good behavior, be more successful, be gentle, heal, forgive, and make me happy.

The pronunciation of dua in Arabic

“Allahumma innee asa’luka sihhatan fi eeman, wa eeman fi husni khuluq, wa najahee yatba’ahu falah, wa rahmaatan minka wa ridwaana”

Dua for Victory and Success

Here is another one from the Holy Quran that you can say if you want to win and be successful: 

“O Allah, make sure I enter and leave a sound entrance and give me a supporting authority from You.”

The pronunciation of dua in Arabic

“Rabbi addkhelini mudkhala sedqqen, wa akhrejni mukhraja sedqqen, wa ija’al-li men ladunka soltanan nasiraa”

Dua For Good Luck In Business

Running a business is hard today, and owners should always ask Allah to help them keep their business going and help it grow. Remember to start your business honestly, follow the road of justice, be fair in your dealings, encourage good behavior, and forbid bad behavior. Then say this prayer, and Allah will make your dream come true: 

“Oh, God! Please give me helpful information, a good plan, and good acts that will be accepted.

The pronunciation of dua in Arabic

“Allahumma inni as’aluka ‘ilman nafi’an, wa rizqan tayyiban, wa ‘amalan mutaqabbalan”

Dua For Luck In Exams

Many students pray to Allah (SWT) to get good test grades. It makes them believe that Allah will do what’s best for them and calms them down before the test. If you have a test coming up soon, learn this dua and say it over and over: 

“Oh, God! Nothing is easy unless You make it so, and If It Be Your Will, You make the hard things easy.”

The pronunciation of dua in Arabic

“Allahuma la sahla illa ma ja’altahu, wa anta taja’alul hazna idha shi’ta sahla.”

Dua for Halal Blessings

In this dua, we beg God to provide us with what is halal rather than what is haram or forbidden. We also ask that we not rely on anybody but our Lord.

“O Allah, suffice me with Your lawful against Your prohibited, and make me independent of all those besides You.”

The pronunciation of dua in Arabic

Allahumma kfini bihalalika ‘an haramika wa aghnini bifadlika amman siwaka.

Dua for Guidance

This dua comes from Surah Al-Fatiha, which is the prayer we say every day during Salah. We ask Allah to lead us on the straight path of those who believe, and later in the Surah, we ask Allah not to be one of those who turn away from the right road. This helps us learn that without God, we are nothing as people. For further information and queries, you can consult with our Maulana – Rijwan Khan. 

 “Guide us on the Straight Path.”

The pronunciation of dua in Arabic


Dua for Anything Good

Reports in the Quran say that Prophet Musa (Moses) said this prayer when he got to the city of Madyan. He turned to Allah when he was in trouble and realized he couldn’t do anything alone. He then asked his Lord to send him good things.

“My Lord, indeed I am, for whatever good You would send down to me, in need.”

The pronunciation of dua in Arabic

Rabbi inni lima anzalta ilayya min khayrin faqir.

Prayer for Good Luck and Prosperity

This angel of “prayer for good luck and prosperity” is powerful and has a lot of power in it. It can keep bad luck away, bring good luck, and get money from somewhere you don’t know about.

  • The surah you need to say to bring good luck is Yaseen.
  • For 40 days, you have to say Surah Yaaseen every day as a prayer for luck and wealth.
  • At the point where you get to the word “Al-mubeen,” start over from the very beginning.
  • This Surah has 7 mubeens.
  • That’s why you have to start the surat all over again every time you get to the word “mubeen.”
  • This will bring you nothing but wealth and happiness.
The Bottom Line

To sum up, time changes all the time. Since today is a bad day for you, the time will come. Many people ask us why our luck isn’t on our side. We want to tell you that bad luck doesn’t happen to people who have broken time. When Muslims say the Wazifa and Dua, they close the locks of fate. When they repeat them, the locks open themselves. Whatever problem you’re having, reading the Dua will solve it. You will wake up to your good luck after reading this dua. 

Everyone prays to God for good luck because no one wants bad luck. If you want good luck, finish any work that you started. To do that, you will need to read Dua repeatedly. Your luck is shining because of these gifts. And things will go well for you. There are solutions to all of life’s problems.


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