The Islamic Dua For Heal A Broken Heart – The Ultimate Guide

dua for broken heart

Are you having trouble with a broken heart? Do you want to get your heart back together? If so, say these 4 Amazing Dua For Broken Heart. They will help heal your heart and make you feel better like before. The only person who can truly understand the pain of a broken heart is the person who is going through it. When someone breaks your heart and leaves you alone, it’s a very hard time in your life. 

No matter how busy you are or how hard you try to be happy, the pain inside you won’t let you live a good life. But sometimes we should try to move on by telling ourselves that Allah has better things in store for us. “Dua For Broken Heart is a powerful prayer that will help you stop suffering by fixing your heart from the inside out. You should only be very dedicated to saying this strong dua to heal a broken heart. Now is the best time to turn to Allah and ask him to heal your heart.

How to Perform 4 Amazing Duas for Healing a Broken Heart – Step-by-Step Guide 

The following essential steps are necessary to carry out this potent “dua for healing a broken heart”: 

  • You must say This is the dua following each Salah (Namaz).
  • After each prayer, you must read the prescribed passages as often as possible (Namaz).
  • The dua “Allahummaj Alissa Adata Tagmuruna Tunsina Ma Abkana Wama Ahzanana” is a potent remedy for shattered hearts. 
  • Finally, for Allah to provide you peace and effectively mend your heart, you must pray to Him with all of your heart.

You should follow the powerful “Dua For Broken Heart” steps for seven days. After that, you’ll notice that your heart is improving daily. Say this powerful dua repeatedly for as many days as possible for the best effects. For more information, you can visit

Five Strong Duas to Repair Broken Relationships 

Do you wish to say a dua for a troubled relationship? If so, recite the Five Strongest Duas for Broken Relationships, and Allah will assist you in healing your damaged bond. Let’s say your relationship with your partner has ended, but you still feel sad, alone, and hurt. It is now time to humble yourself before Allah and maintain a little more strength. 

With our best “dua for broken relationships,” you may offer your life a fresh start by allowing our profound healing in your mind, heart, and soul. Inshallah, this dua will undoubtedly assist you in leaving this circumstance as quickly as feasible.

How To Process 5 Powerful Dua For Broken Relationships: Step-by-Step Guide

The ideal dua for broken relationships involves the following fundamental steps: 

  1. The initial step in making this dua is to do wudu (ablution).
  2. You must then say Durood Shareef three times.
  3. After that, you must recite the prescribed verses aloud at least 101 times: “Allahumma Rahmataka Arju Fala Takilni Ila Nafsi Tarfata ‘Aynin Wa Aslih Li Sha’ni Kullahu La Ilaha Ila Anta.”
  4. Recite Durood Shareef three times over.
  5. Finally, you must lift your hands before Allah and ask him to improve your life and take away your misery.

God willing, it will soon work for you if you carefully follow all the steps of this best “dua for broken heart” for at least 11 days with a strong faith in Him.

4 Powerful Duas to Heal a Broken Heart

The 4 Strong Dua To Fix A Broken Heart will quickly heal your heart. You meet new people every step of the way in life. Many things in life change us and teach us lessons. Each time, we learn something new. Our most potent “dua to heal a broken heart” is easy after Isha’s prayer. 

If someone has broken your heart and you want to get your life back on track, our most potent “dua to mend a broken heart” will help you live happily ever after. We want to think about not being alone in a room. 

Still, you should get together with your family and friends sometimes. You can also take your mind off things by doing things you enjoy, like reading books, writing poems, or praying to Allah as often as you have to. However, you should not miss Salah (Namaz) because that is the best time to ask Allah to forgive you and make you strong and happy in the next life.

 Resolving A Broken Heart Through Four Powerful Duas: Step-By-Step Guide

The following basic steps are necessary to complete this powerful dua for healing a broken heart: 

  • You must finish your Isha prayer (Namaz) with this powerful “dua to mend a broken heart.”
  • To effectively “mend a broken heart,” you must continue to sit on your prayer mat and recite Durood-E-Shareef three times before and after.
  • Then, you must repeat these powerful “duas to mend a broken heart” as many times as you can, between 100 and 500 times: “Yaa Hayyuyaa Qayyoom, bi Rahmatikaastagheeth” and “Ya HayyuYa Qayyum, Astagfirullah.”
  • Finally, break your heart open before Allah and beg him to heal it in the way that he sees fit.

As long as you say this powerful “dua to mend a broken heart” every day for a week, your heart will start to heal, and the pain will go away. God willing. Besides that, you can talk to our Maulana, Rijwan Khan. 

4 Short Duas for Broken Heart Relief – (Tried & True)

Are you stressed by a broken heart? Want to feel better? If so, the Four Quick Dua for Broken Heart Healing will help you heal. Someone who tries to forget their love is frequently heartbroken. 

After a breakup, Shaitan pushes people to seek revenge or engage in harmful habits like drug use, alcohol, or gambling. However, it’s best to avoid such immorality and turn to Allah for a healthy, Islamic heart mending. 

Our proven “dua for relief from broken heart” can help you handle your most challenging situation. Thus, prepare to return to Allah and seek him for lifelong help.

How to Perform  Quick Duas for Relief from a Broken Heart: Step-by-Step Guide

These are the basic steps you need to take to say this “dua for relief from broken heart”: 

  • You must always keep yourself clean and say every prayer on time every day.
  • After every required prayer, you must say “Ya Jaabir Kul Kaseer,” Allah’s loved and beautiful name, at least 500 times.
  • Reading Durood-E-Shareef seven times before and after saying this “dua for relief from a broken heart” is very important.
  • Finally, say a deep prayer to Allah and tell him about all the bad things happening to you. Ask him to bless you and heal your broken heart so that you can live a peaceful and happy life in the future.

The Top 5 Duas You Can Replace With Something Better, 100% Sure 

After a heartbreak, do you want anything better? Repeat the 5 Best Duas to Replace With Something Better. It will calm you and help you locate a better alternative. Does your most important person have died, leaving you lonely and sad? If so, our Holy Quran says that if you trust Allah even in difficult times, He will reward you with better results. 

Are you doubting? Why not try it? Our “dua to replace with something better,” will wipe away your grief and anxiety and reward you with something better. Use this dua to petition Allah for unique and better results when you are hurt or lose something. Thrilled? Fantastic, immediately execute this “dua to replace with someone better.” 

How To Do The Five Best Dua To Change Them To Something  Better: Step-by-Step Guide

These are the basic steps you need to take to say this “dua to replace it with something better”:

  • If you want to change it to something better, you should say this dua after the Tahajjud prayer at midnight.
  • First, sit down on your prayer mat after the Tahajjud prayer. Next, you should read Durood Shareef three times.
  • The dua to change it to something better is “Asa Rabbuna An Yubdilana Khayran-Minha Inna Ila Rabbina Raghiboon,” which was said at least 101 times.
  • Then you should say Durood Shareef three more times.
  • Finally, you should ask Allah to have mercy on you so that you can deal with your worst situation and make it better by changing it with something better. Then, you can forget all the pain, sadness, and stress and live a happy, comfortable life forever.
The Bottom Line

This article includes various Holy Qur’anic verses and duas for heartbreak. They are all offered as a means of helping you get over the hurt of your heartbreak and reestablish your relationship with Allah. Allah is all-knowing and created the universe. Allah will help you when you are in need and pardon you if you make a mistake. Reciting the dua can help mend a broken heart and heal both the heart and the mind. This heartbreak dua has helped thousands of our followers.


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