Powerful Dua For Black Magic Back To Sender – The Ultimate Guide

Dua For Black Magic

Hello, my dear brothers and sisters! We’re going to talk about Dua for Black Magic today. We all have bad habits.

Figuring out and getting past them makes us human and separates us from animals. It’s normal to feel angry, hateful, and jealous.

But a good person doesn’t give in to these feelings. But sometimes people can’t handle their feelings.

That’s when they use Black magic and other strange things. Jealousy and hate for someone can get the best of you sometimes.

You should not ignore your gut feeling if you think someone is using black magic on you to hurt you in any way possible. Ignoring these gut feelings can be very dangerous.

But what do you do when you know and want to fix things before they worsen? Do you need to know?

You’re in luck if you said yes. This post will talk about how to make any black magic that the dark forces send your way useless. How to do it:

The Impact of Black Magic and What It Is?

Black magic is a bad practice that some powerful old societies used because they believed in its power. Modern society, on the other hand, often uses it to trick and hurt good people.

Muslims believe that black magic is evil and strictly banned. Anyone who does it runs the risk of going to Hell and making Allah angry.

Islam strictly forbids this kind of behavior. And it’s bad for the religion’s most important ideas.

According to the Quran and Sunnah, magic and sorcery are evil, and Muslims should turn to Allah for help when they experience their harmful effects.

It is essential for believers to understand how bad these actions are and to stay away from them at all costs, depending on Allah to guide and protect them instead.

If you have been the target of black magic, your life may go badly, and you may feel weak and helpless.

For better results, say the “Dua to Remove Black Magic Permanently in Islam.”

People have used black magic to get what they want since ancient times, which is one of the darker sides of human nature.

The Dua to forever remove black magic in Islam can effectively get rid of its harmful effects in this situation.

People know that this strong dua can quickly eliminate black magic on a spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, or any other family member.

Signs of Black Magic Affectation

  • Abrupt and hard-to-explain changes in behavior or mood
  • Unknown diseases or health problems
  • Not wanting to eat and losing weight.
  • The feeling of being heavy or under pressure for no reason in the body
  • Sleep problems and bad dreams
  • Strange things happening in the house, like things moving on their own
  • In my dream, I fell from a very high place.
  • Visions of animals like a lion, black dog, crow, snake, or any animal used as an offering, like a dead goat. Going to a grave or putting yourself in a grave
  • Feeling weak in both mind and body. (Sore Head)
  • Putting yourself in danger or feeling mentally unstable
  • Accidents keep happening in the family.
  • Always missing chances and having bad luck.
  • Loss of money and having bad ideas all the time
  • Being afraid that something bad is always with you.

That’s a lot of these signs of black magic. Pay attention to any of these issues if you are going through them. You can also talk to our Maulana Rijwan Khan Ji for better help with your problems.

Strong Dua For Black Magic

Halal and working Dua For Black Magic is: “Qul a’oozu bi rabbil-falaq Min sharri maa khalaq Wa min sharri ghaasiqin izaa waqab Wa min sharrin-naffaa-saati fil ‘uqad Wa min sharri haasidin izaa hasad.” If you say this dua daily after prayer and have complete faith in Allah (SWT), the black magic will leave your life.

  • Reference And Meaning

That verse in the Quran is where this dua comes from. It means, “I seek refuge with the Lord of the Dawn.”The mischief of made things, the mischief of Darkness spreading, and the mischief of people who practice dark arts.

Often, when your enemy uses black magic on you, he does it repeatedly to hurt you. In this case, you can make his black magic work against him.

In Islam, it’s not against the rules. Here’s a dua you can read to put the black magic he used on him.

Dua for Black Magic Back to the Sender

If you want to send black magic back to the person who sent it, say this dua from the Quran:

“Allaahu waliyyul lazeena aamanoo yukhrijuhum minaz zulumaati ilan noori wallazeena kafarooo awliyaaa’uhumut Taaghootu yukhrijoonahum minan noori ilaz zulumaat”  Do this every time you pray, and don’t forget to follow the steps below.

  • Reference And Meaning

This dua comes from Al-Quran chapter 2, verse 257. It means, “Allah is the Protector of those who have faith; He will lead them out of the depths of darkness into light.” The people who support people who don’t believe are the bad ones; they will lead them from light to darkness.

Method for Returning Black Magic to the Sender

  1. Execute Ablution.
  2. Take some dates and dip them into Zamzam after that.
  3. Recite verses 257, 332 of Quran chapter of 2.
  4. After blowing on the dates, you consume them with your family.

If you eat seven ‘Ajwa dates every morning, Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) said, “No poison or magic can hurt you.”

Sahih al-Bukhari 5445

Do this with all your heart for two to three weeks. The results of the black magic will go away, God willing.

Niyyah (Your plan for why you are saying the dua)

“Al-Hafiz,” you are the most powerful person in the world. You care for and protect everything. When I say this dua today, I want to ask for your safety.

AL-QADIR,” please keep me safe with your great power because I’m not feeling well. I feel like I’m suffocating and sick sometimes for no reason. “AL-WADOOD,” grab my hands and lead me away from this mess.

The Bottom Line

We want this article to make more people aware of black magic and its evil.

We can get rid of bad things in our bodies and homes with the help of the above dua. Hadith said that Prophet Mohammed also protected himself from the evil effects of jinn by reading the Surahs in the Quran Sharif.

Many readers of Islamic Nuskhe have good luck when they say the Dua that our Maulana Rijwan Khan ji gives them. You can also talk to him about your problem on WhatsApp. You can go to loveduaghar.com to find out more.

Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)

Is there a Surah that can find the source of black magic and destroy it?

Surah Al-Jinn is one of the most solid surahs for getting rid of black magic at its source.

Before you can read this surah, you need to make an absolution. After that, say Ayutul Kursi eleven times.

Now, read Surah Al-Jinn after fajr Nawaz. As you do this, remember to have complete faith in Allah.

I am Under Black Magic, and It Changes Me Every Day. How can I Get Rid of This Quickly?

You can read the Dua mentioned above. It’s a powerful and helpful dua, but follows all the safety rules.

If you can’t do this, click “Consult with Us on WhatsApp” to contact our Molana, Rijwan Khan.

There is black magic in my house, and it affects my whole family. How can I get rid of this quickly? How can I find out who did it?

You can talk to our Molana – Rijwan Khan, if you need a quick answer. He’ll tell you who did it and why. He is very good at what he does and solves many problems like this.


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